In an age when writing fright is becoming as prevalent as stage fright, Zaffirini Communications offers writing services that build clients´ confidence in their work products. Whether writing custom-tailored handbooks and other publications, editing and/or rewriting drafts, or teaching effective writing skills, Dr. Judith Zaffirini lends her writing expertise to clients who are interested in communicating more effectively via the written word. Some of her topics and writing services are listed below:

Writing Services and Topics
Developing custom-tailored publications:
Personnel Manuals
Policy Manuals
Writing bylaws, rules, procedures
Editing and/or rewriting drafts
Developing templates:
Business Communiqués
Public Speaking
Developing communication plans:
Internal Communication
Public Communication
Writing program scripts
Writing staff development plans
English to Spanish
Spanish to English
Reviewing marketing materials
Editing marketing materials
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