Tired of speakers who deliver the same message to dramatically different audiences? Bored by keynoters who smack of insincerity as they lose listeners while delivering their memorized messages? Are you ready for a keynote speaker who will work diligently with you to develop and fine-tune a presentation that is targeted precisely for your audience and developed to meet your goals and objectives?

If so, contact Dr. Judith Zaffirini, a master communicator known for her dynamic “no notes” speaking style. Always complimented for “saying the right thing,” she develops research-based presentations that enable her to identify with the audience and to speak as a member of the team.

An award-winning public speaker, Dr. Zaffirini will address a rich variety of topics within the fields of communication, customer service, leadership, and other areas in which she offers consulting and presentation services.

Communication Seminars and Workshops
(a sample from more than 75 topics)
Public Speaking Workshops
Speech Writing (Model Format)
Presentation Techniques & Skills
Persuasive Communication
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Question & Answer Techniques
Interviews and Forum Techniques
Audience Analysis and Adaptation
Strategic Thinking and Planning
Leadership Development
Time Management
Special Events
Program Development
Business Etiquette
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